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New Version of Alfred Schnittke’s Ballet “Peer Gynt” in Hamburg

The renowned ballet production “Peer Gynt” with music by Alfred Schnittke and choreography by John Neumeier will be premiered at the Hamburg State Opera on 28 June 2015 during the course of the 41st Hamburg Ballet Days. The world premiere in 1989 during Alfred Schnittke's lifetime with the dancers Ivan Liska, Anna Grabka and Gigi Hyatt was a sensational international success for the Hamburg Ballet and for the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke, who was already living in Hamburg at that time. In the new version of this famous ballet based on the dramatic treatment of Henrik Ibsen, Neumeier is now attempting, after 26 years, to bring out several lines in the choreography more clearly. “He is not concerned with a revival”, reports the Hamburg State Opera Journal, “but with present-day insights that have led him to rethink and choreograph anew the individual dramaturgical elements in the structure and the steps. The alterations are thus not exclusively limited to parts in the dramaturgy and language of movement: Jürgen Rose's scenery and costumes have also been completely reworked in the workshops”.

The piano reduction of Schnittke's “Peer Gynt” music has been published as a printed edition (SIK 1952).

Copyright of the photo: Holger Badekow / Hamburg Ballett 


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