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Moritz Eggert’s Extended Version of the “Symphony 3.0” in Passau

“Lots of cars, all aimed at one conductor! All trained musicians or coached amateurs at the wheel! What's supposed to happen here? It is the ‘HUPkonzert’ (Honk Concerto) by the composer Moritz Eggert!”

This is the organisers’ announcement for the 63rd “Festspiele Europäische Wochen” (European Festival Weeks) in Passau (19 June to 2 August 2015) for one of the concert highlights of this year. On 19 June 2015 the Bayrischer Trabant Club e. V. (Bavarian Trabant Club) will perform the world premiere of the ensemble work “Symphony 3.0” for six or more ship’s horns, car horns or gas horns in an extended version conducted by Moritz Eggert at the Residenzplatz in Passau.

"A worthy spectacle and an opening fanfare the likes of which the European Weeks have never experienced before – perfectly in fitting with the 25th anniversary of the German Reunification, the organisers add.

19 June 2015
Festspiele Europäische Wochen, Residenzplatz, 8:15 PM
World premiere (extended version): Moritz Eggert
“Symphony 3.0” for six or more ship’s horns, car horns or gas horns
Bayrischer Trabant Club e. V.
Moritz Eggert (direction)


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