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Linard Bardill and Marius Felix Lange Collaborating on “Millistrade”

Both composers are true heavyweights in the area of music for children and families. The composer Marius Felix Lange has written family operas such as “Snow White”, “Das Opernschiff oder Am Südpol, denkt man, ist es heiß”, “The Canterville Ghost” and “The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep”. The last-named opera was premiered in the spring of 2014. The works of Marius Felix Lange are not only being performed and produced anew in the German-speaking world. The opera “Snow White”, for example, has already been given its French premiere.

The Swiss composer, songwriter and storyteller Linard Bardill, on the other hand, has celebrated his greatest successes with his children‘s pieces “Auf ins blaue Wunderland“ (Up and Away into the Blue Wonderland) and “Sterben für Anfänger“ (Dying for Beginners). Now, Linard Bardill and Marius Felix Lange will be collaborating for the first time on a project in Basle with members of the Basle Symphony Orchestra on 20 June 2015.

Linard Bardill‘s story “Millistrade”, to which Marius Felix Lange has written enchanting music accompanied by Bardill‘s own singing and guitar-playing, tells of the odd couple Carol and the fool Millistrade.
Carol has a thousand wishes. She would like to fly, breathe under water and walk through walls. For this reason, she goes to the carnival as a magician, meeting the fool Millistrade there. He promises to fulfil all her wishes if she sells him her sleep in return. Carol is willing to do this and awakens in a dream in which her dreams are fulfilled. But she soon realises that she cannot go back. In the realm of the water king Aquatinta, we witness a showdown between dream and reality and between sleeping and waking.

20 June 2015
City Casino, Musik Hall, 4:30 PM
World Premiere: Linard Bardill / Marius Lange,
“Millistrade”. Symphonic poem for speaker, voice and orchestra
Linard Bardill (voice, guitar and narration)
Marius Felix Lange (composition)
Members of the Basle Symphony orchestra
Thomas Herzog (direction)


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