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Peter Ruzicka‘s Opera “HÖLDERLIN” at Basle Theatre

The opera “HÖLDERLIN” by Peter Ruzicka, completed in 2008, will be premiered at the Basle Theatre on 30 May 2015 under the direction of the composer, artistic director and conductor. This will be the Swiss premiere of this music-theatrical work in four acts, performed by the Basle Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of the Basle Theatre directed by Henryk Polus. The libretto is by Peter Mussbach and the producer is Vera Nemirova.

The opera received its world premiere on 16 November 2008 at the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden. Ruzicka himself conducted the Staatskapelle Berlin.

Peter Ruzicka comments on his opera “HÖLDERLIN” as follows:
“At the premiere celebrations of CELAN in April 2001 in Dresden, Giuseppe Sinopoli, my friend who unfortunately died much too early, asked me what the subject of my next opera would be. My completely spontaneous answer was ‘Hölderlin,’ without being able to justify this answer in greater detail at the time. But it is clear to me that these two poets have indeed become decisive fixed points in my thinking. They appear to me as two focal points of an aesthetic ellipse extending over the centuries.”

Further performances at the Basle Theatre: 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 16 and 27 June 2015 (all 7:30 PM)

30 May 2015
Theatre, 7:30 PM
Swiss premiere: Peter Ruzicka
HÖLDERLIN. An expedition
Libretto by Peter Mussbach
Basle Symphony Orchestra
Choir of the Basle Theatre
Peter Ruzicka (musical direction)
Henryk Polus (choir direction)
Vera Nemirova (stage direction)


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