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German Premiere of the Three Concert Arias by Aram Khachaturian

Chatschaturjan - Drei Konzertarien fr Sopran und Orchester DEA

The German premiere of the Three Concert Arias for soprano and orchestra by Aram Khachaturian will take place on 17 May 2015 at the Chemnitz Theatre with the soprano Julia Bauer and the Robert Schumann Philharmonic of Chemnitz directed by Frank Beermann.

The Three Concert Arias were composed in 1946, dedicated to Khachaturian’s wife Nina Vladimirovna Makarova and were premiered in 1967. The first aria, “Wenn ich deine rote Korallenperle ware” (If I were Your Red Coral Pearl), is a powerful, highly poetic declaration of love that makes use of an image from nature. In his mind, the lover is transformed into a coral pearl, then into a shawl that adorns the neck of his beloved and, finally, into a deep mountain valley. The second aria, “Achtamar”, is the tragic legend of an island towards which a young man repeatedly swims, where he is awaited by the beautiful Tamar. A lighthouse illuminates the path for him there, but its light is then extinguished by the evil rival. In the third song, “O fliegt nicht fort, ihr Lieder!“ (O Do Not Fly Away, You Songs!), the music itself is the subject. The songs that are sung, fleeting and ephemeral as they are, nonetheless ultimately remain in one's memory.

17 May 2015
Theatre, Opera House, 10:30 AM
German premiere: Aram Khachaturian
Three Concert Arias for soprano and orchestra
Julia Bauer (soprano)
Robert Schumann Philharmonic Chemnitz
Frank Beermann (direction)


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