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Premieres of Works by Sofia Gubaidulina in Germany and Lithuania

Two days after the world premiere of Sofia Gubaidulina’s vocal symphonic work “O Come, Holy Ghost” at the Frauenkirche in Dresden, the Staatskapelle Dresden will present the German premiere of Gubaidulina’s “Why?” for flute, clarinet and string orchestra on 20 April 2015 at the Semperoper. As at the world premiere, the Estonian conductor Andres Mustonen will again direct the orchestra. The Staatskapelle will be performing together with the flutist Sabine Kittel and the clarinettist Christian Dollfuß.

“Why?” is a commissioned work by the music festivals of Emilia Romagna, Ljubljana, Ravello and the Canary Islands, by Festival Pianistico di Brescia e Bergamo, Fondazione Arena di Verona, Staatskapelle Dresden and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta supported by The Eduard van Beinum Foundation.

After the concert, Andres Mustonen will travel on to Lithuania (Klaipeda), in order to conduct Sofia Gubaidulina’s bayan concerto “Fachwerk” there on 23 April 2015. The bayanist Geir Draugsvoll will be performing together with the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra during the course of the “40th Klaipeda Music Spring Festival”. The work will be given its Lithuanian premiere on this occasion. In addition, the Italian pianist Alice Di Piazza will present Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Introitus” for piano and chamber orchestra at this concert.

20 April 2015
Semperoper, 8 PM
German premiere: Sofia Gubaidulina
“Why?” for flute, clarinet and string orchestra
Sabine Kittel (flute)
Christian Dollfuß (clarinet)
Staatskapelle Dresden
Andres Mustonen (direction)

23 April 2015
Concert Hall, 6 PM
Lithuanian premiere: Sofia Gubaidulina
“Fachwerk” for bayan, strings and percussion
Geir Draugsvoll (bayan)
Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra
Andres Mustonen (direction)


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