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Susanne Kessel Performs the World Premiere of Moritz Eggert’s “Hämmerklavier XXV” in Bonn

Moritz Eggert’s work series “Hämmerklavier” is unique in the new music scene for piano music. It meanwhile includes over a dozen works in which the composer explores, experimentally and in unconventional ways, the expressive spectrum of the classical grand piano as well as complementary sound sources. As regards the most frequently performed work of the cycle, “Hämmerklavier XX: One Man Band 2” Eggert thus explains his intention of “wanting to completely overburden the pianist, not with masses of notes, but with actions to be executed at the same time that go beyond normal piano playing”.

The pianist Susanne Kessel will be the soloist at the world premiere of the part entitled “Hämmerklavier XXV – Deviation (Homage à Beethoven)” by Moritz Eggert on 22 April 2015 during the course of the project “250 Piano Pieces for Beethoven" at the Rheinhotel Dreesen in Rüngsdorf, a section of the Bonn city district of Bad Godesberg.

22 April 2015
Rheinhotel Dreesen, 8 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Hämmerklavier XXV – Deviation (Homage à Beethoven)”
Susanne Kessel (piano)


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