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New Piano Version of Moritz Eggert’s “I Accept the Terms and Conditions”

On the final day of the “Ensemblia” festival in Mönchengladbach there will be a portrait concert for Moritz Eggert on 26 April 2015 at the Haus der Erholung. Next to the works “Bring me up, bring me down” for soprano and piano and “Earworm” for soprano and piano the new version of “I Accept the Terms and Conditions” for baritone and piano given its world premiere. Moritz Eggert himself will be the baritone, Martin Tchiba is the pianist. Irene Kurka will be the sopranist for the works “Bring me up, bring me down” and “Earworm”.

Moritz Eggert comments on “I Accept the Terms and Conditions” as follows:
“To compose a piece for the anniversary of Goethe University in Frankfurt includes the responsibility of doing justice to the name and importance of this university. But how can one do this? It initially seemed natural to set a text by Goethe, something beautiful and festive that would fit the occasion. Moved by the music, people would shake hands with each other afterwards and then get on with their agendas. But then I thought that this would be too easy, in view of the political and often progressive role that this university has played in the past, especially when one should rather be looking into the future at an anniversary instead of resting on one's past laurels. For this reason, I found it appropriate to place one of the major topics of the future (and of course the present!) of all of us at the centre of focus of my composition, namely the increasing loss of freedom in the digital world, which is voluntarily accepted by us without objection for the most part.”

26 April 2015
Haus der Erholung, 6:30 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“I Accept the Terms and Conditions” for baritone and piano
Martin Tchiba (piano)
Moritz Eggert (baritone)


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