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Instructions Concerning Submittal of Manuscripts

We are pleased if you would like to offer your manuscript for acceptance by the publishing company. We wish to verify whether your submittal (composition, libretto, adaptation) comes into question for our programme.

Please take care to observe the following:
* Please send your suggestion to our editorial department by e-mail.
* If you wish to send us your submittal by post, please do not send us any originals. For reasons of time and expense, we are unfortunately unable to return your documents to you.
* We shall take the necessary time to evaluate your manuscripts. Please refrain from sending inquiries in the meantime. We will surely notify you in any case.

Thank you very much for your interest.

For sending your submittal by post, please use this adress:

Musikverlag Hans Sikorski GmbH
c/o Concord Gruppe
Editorial Department
Oranienstraße 164
10969 Berlin