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TONALi13 Winner presents Daniel Smutny’s “Azorean Études” in St. Petersburg

The pianist Elisabeth Brauß, winner of the TONALi13 Grand Prix, will perform the Russian premiere of the piano solo work “Azorean Études” by Daniel Smutny at the Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg on 28 February 2015.

Daniel Smutny won the TONALi13 composition prize (announced for piano). The international jury elected his composition “Azorean Études”. The winning composition was published by the Sikorski Music Publishers as edition SIK 8757 as part of the edition series “exempla nova”.

Daniel Smutny about his work:

“The work ‘Azorean Études’ is collection of musical operational patterns that is loose yet interconnected in a definite way; it reveals its provenance in the etude literature of the past centuries to the listener in a transformed way. The work is arranged in nine sections following each other without grand pauses. It is not only their semantics that are not always ascertainable — since they are ambiguous and indefinite — but also their function within the entire work is vague and, consciously, not purposefully designed. The patterns appear like islands that appear to swim in an ocean of musical possibilities (but which nonetheless remain connected to each other on the ocean floor). On the one hand, the work is based on the fundamental experience of the demolition, through the serial music of the early 1950s, of musical semantics that can be passed on; on the other hand, it is based on the artistic reaction to the late-period quality of today’s medial society. The work is a personal travel report about an earthly paradise located quite precisely between the European and the American continents - ‘lonely’, in the middle of the sea, in nine islands that are all quite different from each other. The weather conditions change rather quickly and unpredictably. All the seasons exist at the same time, in manifestations that cannot be clearly separated from each other. All these experiences of a familiar yet very strange world — ‘between worlds’ — form the basis of this work.”

28 February 2015
St. Petersburg
Mariinsky Theatre, The Prokofiev Hall (Mariinsky-II), 6:30 PM
Russian premiere: Daniel Smutny
“Azorean Études” for piano
Elisabeth Brauß (piano)


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