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Krzysztof Meyer’s “Three times four” in the USA

Meyer - drei mal vier USEA

The “Cracow Duo” from Poland, which consists of the cellist Jan Kalinowski and the pianist Marek Szlezer, will perform the American premiere of the chamber work “Three times four” by the Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer on 24 February 2015 at the Polish Music Center at the USC Thornton School of Music (Alfred Newman Hall) in Los Angeles. The concert is being presented by the USC Polish Music Center. The work was composed on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Julius Berger, and received its world premiere during the course of the celebratory concert given on his birthday (15 November 2014) in the Golden Hall of Augsburg City Hall, performed by faculty and students of the Leopold Mozart Centre in Augsburg.

Krzysztof Meyer comments on his work “Three times four” as follows:
“This work was the result of a collaboration with my wonderful friend, the outstanding cellist Julius Berger. Several years ago, his exceptional interpretation of my Concerto for violin and violoncello impressed me deeply. Later, when he played my 2nd Sonata for violoncello solo, a work written for him, my enthusiasm became even greater. In my new piece, composed on the occasion of his 60th birthday, I intended to write kind of music in which not only virtuosity but also a beautiful sound should stand at the forefront. Above all, however, I wanted to please Julius with it and also give enjoyment to the audience. The title ‘three times four’ describes the basic idea of the work: three musical characters are varied in four different respective forms. Or put the other way round: four characteristic sound designs appear in three different shapes. It is difficult to say more about the piece than that. My ideal is music that is sufficient unto itself, a kind of music that requires no commentary - that itself says so much that all commentary becomes superfluous.”

24 February 2015
Los Angeles
USC Polish Music Center, Alfred Newman Hall, 7:30 PM
American premiere: Krzysztof Meyer
“Three times four” for violoncello and piano
Cracow Duo: Jan Kalinowski (violoncello) / Marek Szlezer (piano)

Copyright of the photo: Cracow Duo


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