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Two New Operas by Johannes Harneit at Theater Heidelberg

With the world premieres of two operas by Johannes Harneit, the Heidelberg Music Theatre invites listeners to enjoy a dual delight on 6 February 2015. Both operas were commissioned by the Leipzig Opera.

In the first part, the grand operatic machinery of the opera “Abends am Fluss” (Evening on the River) conjures up an evening river landscape on the stage that also realises the flow of time in sounds and images. In this continuum of reflection, it is not by chance that known historical archetypes are washed ashore, incessantly telling of German family histories: the strict grandfather, the motherly woman, the prodigy, the sleeping dog, a left-wing and a right-wing informer. Times change, but some things always seem to remain the same. The composer Johannes Harneit tells of the river as an easily decoded metaphor for a force of nature that is constantly used and endangered by our modern civilisation but is never completely tamed. The river inspires him to create powerfully flowing music that enshrouds listeners sensually and physically, thereby enthralling them.

In contrast to this, the more intimate second part with the opera “Hochwasser – Zwei Koffer im Keller” (Flood - Two Suitcases in the Cellar) is a kind of satyr play. Delighting in the absurdities of everyday life, we listen in on the conversations between two suitcases in the cellar, whom the flood takes along on the most extensive journey of their lives.

The internationally sought-after master director Peter Konwitschny will stage the two operas with his exuberant scenic imagination.

Further performances at the Heidelberg Theatre 2015:
25.01. (11 AM) / 13.02. (7:30 PM) / 20.02. (7:30 PM) / 28.02. (7:30 PM) / 03.03. (7:30 PM) / 22.03. (7 PM) / 23.04. (7:30 PM) and 12.05. (7:30 PM)

6 February 2015
Theatre, Marguerre-Saall, 7:30 PM
World premieres: Johannes Harneit
Operas “Abends am Fluss” / “Hochwasser – Zwei Koffer im Keller”
Libretti by Gero Troike
Supernumeraries of the Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra
Choir, Extra Choir and Children’s Choir of the Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra
Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra
Peter Konwitschny (stage direction)
Helmut Brade (stage design and costumes)
Anna Töller (choir direction)
Johannes Harneit / Dietger Holm (musical direction)

Copyright of the photo: Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra


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