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“Dixi” by Giya Kancheli for the First Time in Canada

The Canadian premiere of Giya Kancheli’s “Dixi” for choir and orchestra will be presented on the final day of the “Winnipeg New Music Festival” (31 January - 6 February 2015) in Centennial Hall in Winnipeg. The Canadian Mennonite University Chorus and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will perform the choral-symphonic work under the direction of Alexander Mickelthwate at a concert entitled “Back to the Beginning”.

The Georgian composer Kancheli uses in his work “Dixi” for choir and orchestra Latin text quotations in a loose order which is apparently arranged without any connection to each other and which can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The phrase “Mortuos plango” (“I lament the dead”) turns up, or the reference to one’s own person under the motto “Ad se ipsum” (“to oneself”), “Ora et labora” (“pray and work”), a “Credo, qua verum” and a “Stabat mater dolorosa.” All these religious or worldly influenced text fragments appear like mottos which are subjected to a musically defined whole.

6 February 2015
Centennial Concert Hall, 8 PM
Canadian premiere: Giya Kancheli
“Dixi” for choir and orchestra
Canadian Mennonite University Chorus
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Mickelthwate (direction)


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