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“Leipzig Noir” by Moritz Eggert Given World Premiere

The Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig (Leipzig Forum of Contemporary Music) has developed a full-length live radio drama format for 2 speakers and ensemble in a co-production with the SWR and the MDR. The text “LEIPZIGNOIR 1914” by the Leipzig author Jan Decker skilfully introduces all the conventional parts of a dramatic plot. The subject unfolds around 4 young literary people who discover mysterious occurrences at the Leipzig Fair Grounds shortly before the outbreak of World War I. A mystical mood surrounding Masonic conspiracy theories is created, offering inspiring gateways for various compositional approaches.

The pianist and composer Moritz Eggert, alongside three other composers, wrote a new chamber piece for this event. The resulting "Leipzig Noir" for 2 speakers, ensemble and beats will now be given its world premiere on 17 December 2014 in the UT Connewitz in Leipzig at the Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik.

Moritz Eggert comments on his composition “Leipzig Noir” as follows:
“The radio drama text ‘LEIPZIGNOIR 1914’ by Jan Decker follows a specific story that sketches a panorama of the city around 1914 by means of invented and existing figures. I was more interested in exploring the margins of this story - what happens beforehand and afterwards, which people are linked with Leipzig, how their stories form an historical panorama. For this reason, Decker’s text does not appear in my piece - except for a single sentence.
Such a panorama is necessarily subjective and incomplete, without any claim to historical completeness. (Former) honorary citizens and mayors appear, interwoven with collages from wikipedia articles, fragments of poems and biographies. A linear narrative is created only in the mind of the listener.
The main stylistic characteristics of my music are the unpredictable, ‘unlocatable’, ‘atopical’ elements that especially interest me aesthetically at the moment. Large portions of the text are sung or rapped, whereby profanity and musical aggression are important stylistic means when the piece speaks of atrocities and outrageous occurrences. Ultimately, however, a declaration of love results precisely out of this rage, a look backwards from the year 2014, shortly before the 100 years since 1914 come to an end.
Perhaps other cities also need such sweet, dark secrets. For one thing is certain: there is surely no lack of darkness in our country.”

17 December 2014
UT Connewitz, Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Leipzig Noir” for 2 speaker’s, ensemble and beats


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