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Symphony No. 1 by Benjamin Yusupov Receives Israel Premiere

The Israel premiere of Benjamin Yusupov’s Symphony No. 1 (revised version) will be presented on 25 December 2014 during the course of the “Heartwarming Winter Concert” at the Henry Crown Symphony Hall in Jerusalem. The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing under the direction of the Israeli conductor Noam Zur.

The composer has commented on his Symphony No. 1 as follows:
“In my Symphony No. 1, I attempt to reproduce the sound world of the East by means of a Western orchestra. In the slow first movement, a makam is developed with numerous sonic effects; the fast dance movement, on the other hand, uses various special rhythms and is based on a famous wedding song.”

The 1992 revised version of Symphony No. 1 was given its world premiere in Dresden on 4 August 2000, performed by the Dresden Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Carewe.

25 December 2014
Music Centre, Henry Crown Symphony Hall, 8:30 PM
Israel premiere: Benjamin Yusupov
Symphony No. 1 (revised version)
Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Noam Zur (direction)


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