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Daniel Smutny’s “Triads” Receives World Premiere in Stuttgart

Daniel Smutny’s new ensemble work “Triads” for violin, violoncello, percussion and piano will be given its world premiere performance at the Staatsgalerie (State Gallery) Stuttgart on 4 December 2014 during the course of the event “Spannungsfeld, Komposition und Improvisation” (Field of Tension - Composition and Improvisation). The “Open_Music Ensemble”, consisting of Ulrike Stortz (violin), Scott Roller (violoncello), Jürgen Kruse (piano) and Michael Kiedaisch (percussion) will present this composition, written in 2014, in the foyer of the New State Gallery.

Daniel Smutny has supplied the following comments on his new work “Triads”:
“’Triads’ is ultimately an etude. The piece conducts research into the positioning elements of the instruments, the temporal extensions of events and the interplay between the special sounds being produced. The title is intended to connote the dialectical sense of a triad consisting of thesis, antithesis and synthesis; the sounds are conceived in (seemingly irreconcilably contrary) extremes. These include, for example, ‘bow as slowly as possible’ and ‘lightly touch the piano strings after the attack, so that – more or less out of oblivion – flageolet-like, spherical sounds will result.’ The sounds seem to want to transcend the physics of the instruments and to exceed the instruments’ boundaries (also shown in the fact that the sounds wander between the instruments). Each instrument goes through a definite series of sonic events, in several cycles, overlapping each time with the cycles of the others in the manner of gears of different sizes. The result is an antithetical stimulus between the almost robust, craftsmanly productions of the special manners of playing (which one can follow whilst observing) and an ‘enchantment’ resulting when one follows the harmonies of all the players with closed eyes - just by listening - when one can no longer clearly determine their origins.”

“Triads” was commissioned by “Open_Music e.V. “.

4 December 2014
Staatsgalerie, Foyer Neue Staatsgalerie, 7 PM
World premiere: Daniel Smutny
“Triads“ for violin, violoncello, percussion and piano
Open_Music Ensemble: Ulrike Stortz (violin), Scott Roller (violoncello), Jürgen Kruse (piano), Michael Kiedaisch (percussion)

Copyright of the photo: Amèlie Losier


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