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The First “Kitchen Opera” in Music History: Moritz Eggert’s “In Teufels Küche”

The North German festival “KinderKinder” is a classic for children and youth culture in North Germany. The world premiere of a new piece by Moritz Eggert is also on the programme of the festival this autumn.

Moritz Eggert’s imaginative new piece “In Teufels Küche” (In the Devil's Kitchen) for actors, violoncello, clarinet and percussion based on an idea by Stephan v. Löwis of Menar with Heiko Hentschel, Carola Schaal, Sonja Lena Schmid and Sven Kacirek will be presented for the first time on 7 November 2014 at Kampnagel in Hamburg. It is about a spectacle, also suitable for very small children, in which a “devil” (an actor playing a mute role) and three musicians cook together (at times also with the children attending the performance), chat and make music. The special feature is that some of the music is played on kitchen utensils (cooking pots, heads of lettuce and soup bowls all making sounds); very strange instruments such as the musical saw and pot organ are used and the plot is completely without language, which means that one could perform the work all over the world and everyone would understand it.

“I have composed the music especially in response to the requirements of this performance,” Moritz Eggert explains. “In places, the musicians expand my compositions with their own improvisations originating in the scene, but I was of course involved in this process as well. One can therefore speak of a true 'kitchen opera' (although no one sings). The whole thing is definitely of a rather cheerful and ludicrous character, and is thus well suited for the entire family.”

Further performances take place on 7 November (6 PM), 8 November (4 PM) and 9 November 2014 (11:30 AM + 4 PM) at Kampnagel.

7 November 2014
Kampnagel, 6 PM (General Rehearsal, 10:30 AM)
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“In Teufels Küche” for violoncello, clarinet and percussion
Carola Schaal (clarinets)
Sonja Lena Schmidt (violoncello)
Sven Kacirek (percussion)
Heiko Hentschel (stage direction)


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