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“Tides” by Jörn Arnecke at Festival “Steirischer Herbst”

The ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of its principal conductor Cornelius Meister will perform the Austrian premiere of Jörn Arnecke’s “Tides” for orchestra during the course of this year's festival “Steirischer Herbst” (26.09.-19.10.2014) on 10 October 2014 in Graz. The concert will take place during the event “Un concert grandiose - RSO Wien & Klangforum Wien” from the series “musikprotokoll 2014 ... feeding the future”.

The work “Tides”, composed in 2005, was commissioned by the Heidelberg Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra for Cornelius Meister. It received its world premiere on 19 October 2005 in Heidelberg, performed by the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Cornelius Meister.

Jörn Arnecke has supplied the following comments on his work:
“The orchestra of ‘Tides’ corresponds exactly to that of Richard Strauss’s tone poem ‘Don Juan,’ the following work at the world premiere. The basic idea of the seating arrangement is to reverse the customary orchestral seating arrangement: The winds sit at the string desks, the violins at the wind desks. A new orchestral ensemble is created with this unusual distribution of the musicians – the winds as a layer in the foreground and the strings as a sound shadow.”

Jörn Arnecke‘s work is also available as printed edition SIK 8624.

10 October 2014
Helmut List Halle, 7:30 PM
Austrian premiere: Jörn Arnecke
“Tides” for large orchestra
ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Cornelius Meister (direction)


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