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“Pictures at an Exhibition – Remake” by Yaron Gottfried Given Georgian Premiere

Yaron Gottfried’s adaptation “Pictures at an Exhibition – Remake” (after Modest Mussorgsky) for jazz trio (piano, percussion and double bass) and orchestra will be given its Georgian premiere on 21 September 2014 during the course of the music festival “Tbilisi Autumn”. The Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Vakhtang Kakhidze will present this ingenious jazz arrangement by the Israeli composer at the Tbilisi Centre for Music and Culture.

With “Pictures at an Exhibition – Remake” Yaron Gottfried scored a genuine hit in modern orchestral literature. For him, the well-known piano cycle by Mussorgsky represents a way of playing for the adaptor, who observes the material from the standpoint of sound, structure and rhythm from the most varied perspectives whilst extracting completely new aspects from this concert classic. This work was commissioned by the Forbidden City Concert Hall (Beijing).

Gottfried’s “Pictures at an Exhibition – Remake” was given its US premiere in Portland on 9 May 2014, performed by the Portland Chamber Orchestra under the composer’s direction.

21 September 2014
Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music and Culture
Georgian premiere: Modest Mussorgsky / Yaron Gottfried
“Pictures at an Exhibition – Remake” for jazz trio and orchestra
Yaron Gottfried (piano)
Yorai Oron (double bass)
Rony Holan (drums)
Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra
Vakhtang Kakhidze (direction)

Copyright of the photo: Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music and Culture


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