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New Production of the Opera “The Ring of Fire” by Avet Terteryan in Nagorno-Karabakh

A new production of the opera “The Ring of Fire” by Avet Terteryan will be performed on 1 September 2014 at Shusha Fortress in the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. Terteryan would have turned 85 this year. The organisers of this operatic event are the Academic Spendiarov Opera and Ballet Theatre of Yerevan and the Mount Karabakh Ministry of Culture. The musical director is Ruben Asatrjan and the producer is Maria Saakjan.

The performers are: Gurgen Baveian (Second Lieutenant), Rusan Mantashian (Young Girl), Liparit Avetisian (Voice Backstage), Amren Margarian (Speaker), Rima Pipoian (Dancer) as well as the Ballet and Orchestra of the Academic Spendiarov Opera and Ballet Theatre of Yerevan and various youth and chamber choirs of Armenia.

“The Ring of Fire” was composed in 1967 and is the first opera by the Armenian composer. This opera was premiered with great success during the same year by the Academic Spendiarov Opera and Ballet Theatre in Yerevan, and shown over the course of many years. The novel on which this opera is based –“The Forty-First” by Boris Lavrenyov - originally served as the basis for an Armenian cinema film that won an award in 1957 in Cannes. The German premiere of “The Ring of Fire” took place in 1977 in the East German city of Halle during the course of the Handel Festival there.

The story:
During the Russian Civil War, a soldier of the Red Army succeeds in taking a White Guard officer as prisoner. A bloody battle rages all around them, with countless dead on both sides. The two soldiers finally remain alone. It is soon discovered that the Red Army soldier is a young woman. In the dusk she sings the feverish enemy to sleep and the mountains join her in her singing.
In their loneliness the enemies do not speak to each other. Little by little, however, feelings of love burgeon in the young woman – she dreams of being a beloved wife. The White Guard soldier, too, does not have the heart to kill his enemy in light of a possibility in the offing. Their tender act of draw closer is interrupted when soldiers of both sides approach again – the world again disintegrates into friends and foes. The Red Army soldier finally shoots the White Guard officer dead.

1 September 2014
Fortress, 8 PM
New production: Avet Terteryan
“The Ring of Fire”. Opera in 2 acts (8 tableaux) by Vladimir Shakhnazaryan
Ballet and Orchestra of the Academic Spendiarov Opera and Ballet Theatre of Yerevan
Various youth and chamber choir’s of Armenia
Ruben Asatrjan (Musical direction)
Maria Saakjan (Stage direction)


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