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“Hommage à Klaus Huber” by Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf at This Summer’s Lucerne Festival

The world premiere of Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf’s “Hommage à Klaus Huber” for viola obligata and three players will be presented on 13 September 2014 at this summer’s Lucerne Festival (15 August until 14 September), under the motto “Psyche” - focussing on the enormously powerful impact of music.

The violist Barbara Maurer and members of the “ensemble recherché” will present this chamber work, commissioned by the Lucerne Festival, at the Lukaskirche in Lucerne. The world premiere will take place at a special concert in honour of the composer Klaus Huber entitled “Klaus Huber – Homage on His 90th Birthday”.

Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf comments as follows on his “Hommage à Klaus Huber”:
“This work consists of two sonic/action areas. The viola stands in the foreground, playing its solo part with complete self-absorption, as if this were a solo piece. The other three players act in the background, as if they did not belong to the music, like three heavy-handed mechanics comparable to the troop of manual workers in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. They seem to be occupied with themselves but take care never to cover up the viola.”

13 September 2014
Lucerne Festival, Lukaskirche, 11 AM
(Introduction to the concert: 10 AM)
World premiere: Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf
“Hommage à Klaus Huber” for viola obligata and three player
Barbara Maurer (viola)
ensemble recherche


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