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“Sogno di Stabat Mater” by Lera Auerbach – First Time in Switzerland

On 5 August 2014 Lera Auerbach’s concerto work “Sogno di Stabat Mater” for violin, viola, vibraphone and string orchestra given its Swiss premiere during the course of the Festival Musikdorf in the church of Ernen. Thomas Gould (violin), Mark Holloway (viola) and Yoana Varhanova (vibraphone) will perform the work together with the Musikdorf Ernen Festival Orchestra under the direction of Xenia Jankovic.

The abbreviated version of the “Dialogues with Stabat Mater” of 2005 is concealed behind the title “Sogno di Satbat Mater”. This adaptation by the Russian-American composer was given its world premiere in September 2009 in Braunschweig, performed by Gidon Kremer (violin) and the Kremerata Baltica.

Lera Auerbach comments on her concerto as follows:
“I composed Sogno di Stabat Mater at Gidon Kremer’s request specifically for his recording project on the Nonesuch label. This work is a shorter version of my ‘Dialogues on Stabat Mater’, co-commissioned by the Bremen and Lucerne Music Festivals.
This work is an experiment. On one hand, the goal was to transcribe selected movements from Pergolesi’s celebrated masterpiece into a concerto grosso for violin, viola and chamber orchestra while remaining truthful to the spirit of the original work, thus transcribing a sacred vocal work into an abstract instrumental one. On the other hand, I hoped to create a frame, a dialogue, an outlook from our own time on the same subject. I based this dialogue not so much on the differences of cultural and harmonic aesthetics between the 18th and 21st centuries, but rather on their similarities, which was much more challenging. The image of the grieving mother is universal just as pain is universal, though its expressions may vary according to cultural or religious backgrounds.
A dialogue can happen at different levels. Is it a dialogue between mother and child,a beginning and an end, musician and audience, soli and tutti, loneliness and understanding? Perhaps, after all, the difference is not that great between vocal and purely instrumental, sacred language and the vernacular, monologue and dialogue, reality and dream? Any prayer is a dialogue even though the addressee may not appear present. Whom am I addressing this to?”

5 August 2014
Church, 8 PM (Introduction to the concert with Rolf Grolimund at 7 PM in Tellenhaus Ernen)
Swiss premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Sogno di Stabat Mater” for violin, viola, vibraphone and string orchestra
Thomas Gould (violin)
Mark Holloway (viola)
Yoana Varhanova (vibraphone)
Musikdorf Ernen Festival Orchestra
Xenia Jankovic (direction)

Copyright of the photo: Friedrun Reinhold


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