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für Sopran, Bass, Erzähler und Kammerorchester

Composer: Knaifel, Alexander
Lyricists: Kramarowa, Tatjana
Original work: gleichnamige Erzählung von Oscar Wilde
Playing time: 45:00
Opus/Year: (1966)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 1(Picc),1(EnglHorn),2(Es-Klar,BKlar),1(KFag) - 1*,1*,1*,1* - 5 Schl (Pk, Trgl, Peitsche, Flex, LotosFl, Holzbl, Ratsche, Maracas, Cabaza, 4 Bongos, 4 Tomt, Tamb, kl.Tr, RührTr, gr.Tr, Bk, 4 hg.Bk, RöhrenGl, PlattenGl, 2 Gongs, Tam-t, Glsp, Xyl), Cel/Klav, Org (Tonband), Streicher (1/1/1/1/1[Fünfsaiter]) * auch Steine, Holzstücke, Knochen, Eisenstücke


In this version limited to two large monologues, two instrumental interludes and an extended final duet, the plot of Wilde’s ghost story is concentrated completely on the sad fate of the old ghost. His scary appearances, otherwise so effective, do not make their horrible effect on the new inhabitants of Canterville Castle. The Americans encounter the experienced castle ghost with practical materialism: he receives wellmeaning health tips from the grownups and the impudent twins torture the ghost with disrespectful attacks. Thus the spook, after centuries of experience, loses his magic and withdraws back into his secret chamber, deeply humiliated and planning revenge. Of all places, it is here that he meets the young Virginia, the only daughter of the new castle owner, who has stumbled into the out-of the-way chamber by chance. The conversation with the tender, sensitive girl awakens a longing for peace and relief in the weary ghost. With the help of Virginia, who deeply sympathises with the tortured ghost, he finally finds in death a peaceful end to his restless existence.