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Jan Müller-Wieland: World Premiere of “Music for a Church” in Italy

The composer Jan Müller-Wieland, resident in Munich, wrote “Music for a Church” for two trumpets and organ for a memorial concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Sant’ Anna di Stazzema in Italy by SS troops. The trumpeters Hannes Läubin and Max Westermann, together with the organist Luca Scandali, will perform the world premiere of the new work on 13 July 2014 in Stazzema.

The composer comments as follows:
“Fascism found its prerequisite precisely in its inability to imagine its own extinction. This is how the author Peter Weiss, originally a German Jew, describes one of the complex conditions for Nazi rule in the second volume of his ‘Aesthetics of Resistance’. Mass murder cannot be represented musically, however, but peace, love and hope can indeed be expressed through this medium. This is also true here and today - in this church - and with its organ of peace.
The two trumpets are two souls or two wings of a body. They sing about thoughts about something optimistic - maybe even utopian - for, already for Dante Alighieri, music was an alternative-worldly, pictorial art. It represents those things that one cannot see and about which one cannot speak.”

13 July 2014
Santa Maria Assunta, 6 PM
World premiere: Jan Müller-Wieland,
“Music for a Church” for 2 trumpets and organ
Hannes Läubin, Max Westermann (trumpets)
Luca Scandali (organ)
A memorial concert on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the destruction of Sant’ Anna di Stazzema by SS troops


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