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Mieczyslaw Weinberg is “Composer of the Week” on BBC Radio 3

The worldwide success of the Russian composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg cannot be stopped. At least ten years after his death in 1996, a rediscovery of the operas and instrumental works of the great Shostakovich pupil has been taking place; Weinberg Societies have been founded in Moscow and Berlin, and the live recording of the Mannheim production of Weinberg's opera “The Idiot” has been broadcast on Deutschlandradio and SWR, to name just a few examples. The printed edition of Weinberg‘s striking Violin Concerto, Op. 67 has just been issued by Sikorski as a printed edition (SIK 2429). In Great Britain, in particular, great attention is being paid to Weinberg‘s operas, including “Lady Magnesia”, “The Idiot”, “The Portrait” and “We Congratulate”, as well as his string quartets and orchestral works.

Starting on Monday, 2 June 2014, BBC Radio 3 has declared Mieczyslaw Weinberg as “Composer of the Week” - for an entire week. Diverse works of Weinberg will be heard in numerous broadcasts until the weekend. 


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