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Istanbul: World Premiere of Alexander Raskatov‘s “… Crying in the Wilderness …”

The Istanbul Music Festival granted a commission to the Russian composer Alexander Raskatov. The result is the work “… Crying in the Wilderness …”, written in 2013, a work for choir and orchestra based on texts by Ephrem the Syrian, which will now receive its world premiere on 13 June 2014 at the Festival. The performer at the Hagia Eirene Museum will be the Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir and the Sinfonia Varsovia under the direction of the Estonian violinist and conductor Andres Mustonen.

This year's Istanbul Music Festival, under the motto “Song of Nature”, will be held from 31 May until 27 June 2014. For the 42nd time, the Festival will be inviting approximately 800 native and foreign musicians to Istanbul. Through the engagement of the Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir and the Sinfonia Varsovia, the Festival simultaneous commemorates the 600th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Poland.

Alexander Raskatov comments on his choral symphonic work as follows:
“These 5 spiritual texts of Ephrem the Syrian are so important for me. There are connected with the idea of an eternal soul, of traveling soul. Journey has no physical borders but just a paradigma of journey itself: a protohistoric journey from the posthistoric point of view. From the musical point of view: the thread of Ariadna of the work is ‘ISON’, ancien utilisation of sustained sounds, which I used in different contexts in every movement.”

13 June 2014
Istanbul Music Festival, Hagia Eirene Museum, 8:30 PM
World premiere: Alexander Raskatov
“… Crying in the Wilderness …” for choir and orchestra
Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir
Sinfonia Varsovia
Andres Mustonen (direction)


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