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SCHWARZER PETER. Musicalfassung des Spiels für
kleine und große Leute

Composer: Schultze, Norbert
Subtitle: nach dem niederdeutschen Märchen "Erika" von
H. Traulsen bearbeitet von Wilhelm Wisser
Lyricists: Lieck, Walter (Libretto)
Genre: Musical
Instrumentation: 0,1,1,0 - 1,0,0,0 - Schl, Git, Klav, Vl, Vc, Kb


The kind and gentle King Hans and the irritable King Klaus live together as good neighbours. Every evening they passionately play the game “Black Peter.” But when a son is born to King Hans, and “only” a daughter to King Klaus, fighting and war break out between the two friends. Hans loses and is banished. His son Roderich learns how to bind brooms out of herbs on the heath. When King Klaus’s daughter Erika is to be married, she states the condition: “Whoever brings me the most beautiful flowers will be my husband!” Roderich appears with heath herbs at the right moment – yes, these are the most beautiful flowers. King Klaus is utterly furious. He sends daughter and son-in-law to the devil, but allows Erika to be taken abroad, which she loves above all. So she soon invites her father, when he has drowned his sorrows in grog and fallen asleep, to the broom-binding wagon and leads him to King Hans in the hut on the heath. When he awakes, the joy of being reunited is greater than the old resentment. King Klaus abdicates and blesses the young couple, for he only wants to play “Black Peter” with his old friend from now on – until the blessed end.

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