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World Premiere of Milko Kelemen’s “Die Marketenderin”

„Und die Husaren lieb ich sehr,
Ich liebe sehr dieselben;
Ich liebe sie ohne Unterschied,
Die blauen und die gelben“

“And I love the Hussars so,
I love very much the same;
I love them without distinction,
The blue and the yellow”

Thus wrote Heinrich Heine in his poem “Die Marketenderin (aus dem Dreißigjährigen Krieg)”. Die Marketenderin (The camp follower), who speaks Heine‘s words here, flouts the events of the war and confesses that she loves each and every person fully impartially, simply because they are human beings and deserve humaneness. None other than the Croatian composer Milko Kelemen, who will celebrate his 90th birthday on 30 March 2014, has now set Heine‘s famous work for mezzo soprano solo. Stefanie Haas will perform the world premiere of the song on 5 March 2014 during the course of the series “musica nova” at a jubilee concert in Reutlingen. The series “musica nova” is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

Kelemen‘s “Die Marketenderin” is also available as printed edition SIK 8773.

5 March 2014
Spitalhofsaal, 8 PM
World premiere: Milko Kelemen
“Die Marketenderin (aus dem Dreißigjährigen Krieg)”
for mezzo soprano solo
after a poem by Heinrich Heine
Stephanie Haas (mezzo soprano)


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