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World Premiere of the New Family Opera “The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep” by Marius Felix Lange

The Berlin composer Marius Felix Lange composed the family opera “The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep” in response to a commission from the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the Oper Bonn and the Theater Dortmund; it will now be premiered on 14 February 2014 by the Choir of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein (director: Christoph Kurig) and the Duisburg Philharmonic conducted by Lukas Beikircher at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Duisburg.

The libretto was written by the Düsseldorf children’s book author and illustrator Martin Baltscheit, who was awarded the German Youth Theatre Prize in 2010 and the German Youth Literature Prize in 2011. The theatre and film director Johannes Schmid is responsible for the staging; he was recently awarded the Golden Lola in 2012 for “Wintertochter” (Winter Daughter) for the best children's film at the ceremonies of the German Film Prize.

Lena and Leander are playing together at the river. The boy would like to impress his girlfriend by knocking off apples from trees by throwing stones at them. Suddenly Lena discovers a dead bird under the tree and reproaches Leander. Her friend tries to calm her down: "My father told me that they lie down and sleep. Then along comes a princess who kisses them, and they wake up and start singing." The girl then decides to never fall asleep again, out of fear of never waking up again. No one can prevent her from doing this, neither her parents not the doctors who are called in. Finally, her friend Leander sets out to look for a suitable soporific, and travels with Lena throughout the entire world. The two experience numerous adventures, get lost, meet sinister characters and ultimately return to their home village, thanks to the moon's help. But now, nothing is the way it was before...

“The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep” is the beginning of a cooperative venture of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the Theater Dortmund and the Oper Bonn which will be extended during the coming years with further commissions.

Further performances at the Theater Duisburg take place on 15.02. (6 PM) / 21.02. (11 AM) / 23.02. (3 PM) / 25.02. (11 AM) and 31.05.2014 (6 PM).

At the Opernhaus Düsseldorf there will be performances on 25.06. (6 PM) / 01.07. (11 AM) / 02.07. (11 AM) and 06.07.2014 (11 AM).

14 February 2014
Deutsche Oper am Rhein / Theater Duisburg, 11 AM
World premiere: Marius Felix Lange
“The Girl Who Did Not Want to Sleep”. A family opera
Duisburger Philharmoniker
Choir of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Christoph Kurig (direction of the choir)
Lukas Beikircher (conductor)

Copyright of the photo: Theater Duisburg


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