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“Bring Me Up, Bring Me Down” by Moritz Eggert Receives World Premiere

During the course of the event “Schönes Wochenende - Festival für modernes Hören” at the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, the new chamber work “Bring Me Up, Bring Me Down” for soprano and piano by Moritz Eggert will be given its world premiere on 1 February 2014. Soprano Irene Kurka and pianist Martin Tchiba will present the work which was composed in 2013.

The composer has supplied the following commentary on “Bring Me Up, Bring Me Down”:
"During our holiday this year on the Greek island of Paros, I spent a lot of time with my children at a water slide park. At the end of the holiday season, the operators apparently felt they had to compensate for the lack of crowds of tourists by playing the loudest and most irritating music possible, above all 'electro-pop' of the worst Ballermann type.
The song ‘Bring Me Up, Bring Me Down’ by ‘Saxobeat’ chiseled its way into my brain in an especially horrible way – a riff with the worst saxophone sample in the history of music, a female voice deformed by thousands of synthetic modulation programmes that can no longer be identified as such and rather resembles that of a soulless robot, an idiotic text typical of electro-pop consisting primarily of the meaningless repetition of lines that are somehow associated with dancing and sexual acts. Especially the line ‘move me like a freak’ impressed me, for it is not particularly a line with which a woman could successfully seduce me.
But the way it is – through the seemingly 800th time of hearing this song - it made an indelible imprint in my memory, a catchy tune with the savagery of a raw shark text that ploughed through the previously idyllic sound meadow of my musical imagination like a bulldozer. There is only one way to get rid of a catchy tune. One has to catch it and seize it in the most vicious and sadistic way possible. This is what I have done in this piece.”

Eggert’s work “Earworm” for soprano and piano from the year 2010 will also be performed at this concert.

1 February 2014
Tonhalle, Robert-Schumann-Saal, 3 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Bring me up, bring me down” for soprano and piano
Irene Kurka (soprano)
Martin Tchiba (piano)


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