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KÄPT'N BAY-BAY. Musikalisches Seemannsgarn in 15

Composer: Schultze, Kristian
Schultze, Norbert
Lyricists: Wanja-Schultze, Iwa
Grasshoff, Fritz
Opus/Year: (1950/1968)
Genre: Musical
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),1,2ASax(2Klar),TSax(Klar),1 - 2,3,3,0 - 2 Schl (Trgl, Claves, SchiffsGl, KuhGl, Guiro, Kinderschnarre, Tempelbl, 3 Tomt, Bongos, Charleston, Tamb, kl.Tr, RührTr, Bk, Gong, Glsp, Xyl, Vibr, gr.Marimba), Klav/Akk, Git, Streicher


“Bye-Bye,” the sailors’ counterpart to the Lying Baron Münchhausen, usually ends his adventures by clearing out in the nick of time – “Bye-bye!” – leaving behind disappointed ladies and cheated crooks. He receives a rocking-chair as a 70th-brithday present, a magical apparatus with which he can once again embark on a journey in his dreams. His dream travels lead him to the scenes of his most wonderful adventures: to Zanzibar to Madame Goulou, to the devil in hell, to Shanghai, to Cairo and in the middle of the desert – and finally end at home in Blankenese. This is where the repeatedly postponed wedding is to take place, but nothing comes of it this time, either: the groom has signed on to go to sea once again. He disappears with a “Bye-bye!”


Introduktion und Ballade
O Signorina-rina-rina
Lied Heidi
In meinem Schaukelstuhl
Madame Goulou ist tätowiert
Ritornell (Wir haben mal Gesang studiert)
Ritornell (Die Welt ist voller Sünde)
Ritornell (Das hoff ich nicht)
Verjüngungskosmetik (Ballett)
Billy Bill-Song
Ritornell (Nun sind wir viele Stunden schon)
Ritornell (Was kosten Diplomaten)
Kleine weiße Möwe (Möwenlied)
Ganoven Boogie
Conga-Chanson (Das ist der Joe)
Ritornell (Die Tochter lebt in Magdeburg)
Tarantella (Attenzione, Signorina Hannelore)
Nimm' mich mit, Kapitän, auf die Reise
Blaue Jungs auf See (Matrosenlied)
Orientalische Habanera (Ballett)
Fatme, schwarzer Stern von Abukir
Ritornell (Wie zittern uns die Knie)
Ritornell (Wer will unter die Piraten)
Kommst du heim, Kapitän
Blacky-Blue-Song (Whisky in the morningtime)
Der Mittelpunkt (Es dreht sich doch alles)

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Schultze, Norbert