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World Premiere Krzysztof Meyer’s Piano Piece “Sei intermezzi” in Berlin

The piano work “Sei intermezzi” by the Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer was commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Culture during the course of Meyer’s residency at the Warsaw National Philharmonic during the 2013/14 season. The world premiere, however, will be given as part of a Meyer portrait concert at the Polish Embassy in Berlin on 27 November 2013. In this concert the works “Canzona” for violoncello and piano, Sonata No. 1 for violoncello solo, Op. 1 and the Sonata No. 1 for violoncello and piano by Meyer will also be performed. Marek Szlezer (piano) and the cellist Jan Kalinowski will be the performers.

The soloist of the world premiere Marek Szlezer will also soon be recording “Sei intermezzi” for his second CD with piano music of Krzysztof Meyer, to be released on the DUX label. Szlezer’s first Meyer CD contains the Piano Sonatas No. 1-3, the Aphorisms, Op. 3 as well as "Quasi una fantasia", Op. 104.

Krzysztof Meyer comments on his new work as follows:
“My musical education began with piano instruction, as with most composers of my generation in Central Europe. This interest in the piano has a quite obvious origin: I have been playing the instrument since my childhood and have meanwhile mastered it enough to appear in public as a pianist. Thus for many years I wrote my piano compositions for myself, whilst other pianists took them up in their repertoires only over the course of time. So not only piano sonatas have been written, but also chamber music with piano (2 Cello Sonatas, Piano Trio, Piano Quartets, Piano Quintet, etc.)
I finished the ‘Sei intermezzi’ in 2013. In this cycle, I wanted to give the interpreter the opportunity to present himself/herself both with technical virtuosity and with sonic beauty in the traditional sense of the word. This ‘beautiful tone’ is basically indispensible in all pieces. The Intermezzi form a cycle that conjures up the spirit of classical piano music without engaging itself in the traditional constraints associated with it.”

27 November 2013
Polish Embassy, Lassenstraße 19-21, 14193 Berlin
World premiere: Krzysztof Meyer
Sei intermezzi for piano
Marek Szlezer (piano)


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