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World Premiere of ZWEI ‹BERMALUNGEN by Peter Ruzicka in Hamburg

The upcoming world premiere of Peter Ruzicka’s new orchestral work “ZWEI ÜBERMALUNGEN” (ÜBER UNSTERN, R.W.) for large orchestra by the Philharmoniker Hamburg directed by the composer on 17 November 2013 at the Laeiszhalle Hamburg is remarkable for the fact that two essentially independent works correlate with each other. “ÜBER UNSTERN” refers to Liszt’s late piano work “Unstern – Sinistre” composed in 1885 and the second part of the work, subtitled “R.W.”, is an homage to Richard Wagner.

Ruzicka comments on the new composition as follows:
“As is well known, Liszt wrote piano pieces during his late phase that are completely removed from their time. They largely alienated the Wagner family, incidentally, for he also played them there in the salons and listeners only shook their heads. We hear these pieces differently today, namely as harbingers of modernism and a new musical grammar.“

Another performance will take place on the next day, 18 November (8 PM).

17 November 2013
Laeiszhalle, Large Hall, 11 AM
World premiere: Peter Ruzicka
ZWEI ÜBERMALUNGEN for large orchestra (ÜBER UNSTERN, R.W.)
Philharmoniker Hamburg
Peter Ruzicka (direction)


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