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Johannes X. Schachtner’s “Neuf fatrasies” in Austria

The soprano Monika Lichtenegger and the pianist Rudi Spring will present excerpts from Johannes X. Schachtner’s “Neuf fatrasies” at the opening concert of the festival “Texte und Töne” (Texts and Tones) in Dornbirn on 9 November 2013, performing their Austrian premiere.

The concert will take place at the ORF Regional Broadcasting Station and will be recorded by the ORF.

The composer comments on “Neuf fatrasies“ as follows:
“In the summer of 2011, I discovered the then newly published German translation of the Fatrasies from Arras provided by the Swiss author Ralph Dutli.
The imaginative, visually stunning, absurd and at the same time highly poetical language of the 13th century, not by chance highly appreciated by the Dadaists of the twentieth century, immediately caused me to consider a setting of the Old French original texts.
In compiling the texts, it was important to me to represent as many different forms as possible that existed within the genre ‘Fatrasie’; thus, alongside several anonymous Fatrasies, there were those by Jean Régnier, Philippe de Beaumanoir, Watrique Brassenel de Couvin and Baudet Herenc. These 'impossible' Fatrasies – such as those by Baudet Herenc are called – also provoked an unforced plethora of musical stylistic means, associations and historical allusions in the composition. Thus the expressive variety of the soprano in the new songs extends from chanson-like seductiveness to Tourette syndrome-like swearing, from naive warbling to lascivious groaning.”

Schachtner’s “Neuf fatrasies“ is now also available as printed edition SIK 8769.

9 November 2013
ORF Landesfunkhaus, 2 PM
Austrian premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Neuf fatrasies“ for soprano and piano (excerpts)
Monika Lichtenegger (soprano)
Rudi Spring (piano)


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