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World Premieres of Works by Gerald Resch in Vienna

During the course of the major Austrian new music festival “Wien Modern”, there will be world premieres of new works by Gerald Resch on two evenings in November. The festival, being held this year for the 26th time, will take place from 24 October until 15 November 2013, once again at many different performance venues in Vienna.

On 5 November 2013 Walter Voglmayr (trombone) and the Ensemble Kontrapunkte directed by Peter Keuschnig will perform the world premiere of Resch’s “antipodes” for trombone and ensemble at the Vienna Musikverein.

Two days later, on 7 November 2013, will be the world premiere of Gerald Resch’s second new work at Wien Modern, “bossa nova arabica” for orchestra. Under the motto “RSO Wien Modern tanzt. Tanzmusik für Fortgeschrittene“ the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna under Cornelius Meister will present this orchestral music.

Gerald Resch comments on his work “antipodes”:
“In the Kunsthaus Wien built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, there is a charming signpost pointing towards New Zealand (where Hundertwasser spent much time during his life): the signpost points exactly downwards, for if one were to dig almost 13,000 km deep into the earth, one would emerge at the other end of the globe rather exactly in New Zealand.
The fact that there is a country diametrically opposed to one's own was a conception that occupied me during the composition of ANTIPODES.
The fundamental incompatibility of the soloistic trombone with the ensemble consisting of woodwinds, strings and piano, but also the lively act of putting special constellations into operation precisely out of this incompatibility, as well as a kind of synthesis, are the subject matter of this piece.”

5 November 2013
Musikverein, Brahms-Saal, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Gerald Resch
“antipodes” for trombone and ensemble
Walter Voglmayr (trombone)
Ensemble Kontrapunkte
Peter Keuschnig (direction)

7 November 2013
Konzerthaus, Great Hall, 8:30 PM
World premiere: Gerald Resch
“bossa nova arabica” for orchestra
ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Cornelius Meister (direction)

Copyright of the photo: Georg Lembergh


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