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Italian and Czech Premieres of Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Glorious Percussion” and “Sotto voce”

In early October 2013, two works of the Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina will be given their premieres.

The composer will be awarded the renowned “Golden Lion” for her life’s work at the Biennale di Venezia on 4 October 2013. Immediately after the ceremonial presentation at the Teatro alle Tese will follow the Italian premiere of Gubaidulina’s concerto for percussion ensemble and orchestra entitled “Glorious Percussion”, performed by the percussion ensemble Les Percussions de Strasbourg and the Orchestra della Fenice.

One week later, on 10 October 2013, Gubaidulina’s “Sotto voce” for viola, double bass and two guitars will be given its Czech premiere in Prague at the Archaion Kallos International Festival. The Ensemble Konvergence will be performing.

The composer comments on “Glorious Percussion” as follows:

“Two special characteristics distinguish this work from my previous works:

1. The solo percussion ensemble consists of five players, some of whose instruments are placed to the right and the left of the orchestra (e.g. numerous gongs) and others of which are placed to the right and left of the conductor (marimba and vibraphone). Five bass drums are at the very front; these are only used at the very end during a large final intensification. The solo percussionists step in front of the orchestra to improvise at seven places during the work.

2. The solo percussionists have seven episodes in this work in which they step before the orchestra and improvise without a fixed note-text. This is more or less a reminiscence of a performance practice from a time during which only an oral culture existed.”

4 October 2013
Biennale di Venezia, Teatro alle Tese, 8 PM
Italian premiere: Sofia Gubaidulina
”Glorious Percussion“. Concerto for percussion ensemble and orchestra
Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Orchestra della Fenice

10 October 2013
Concert Hall of the festival “Prague Spring“, 7:30 PM
Czech premiere: Sofia Gubaidulina
”Sotto voce“ for viola, double bass and two guitars
Ensemble Konvergence


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