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World Premiere: Daniel Smutny’s “Nine-Part Motet“ in Stuttgart

On 14 July 2013 the SWR Vokalensemble and the Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz directed by Marcus Creed will perform the world premiere of Daniel Smutny’s “Nine-Part Motet” for 15 solo voices at the Gaisburger Kirche in Stuttgart.

The composer, born in 1976 in Mannheim, completed this work in 2011; it was commissioned by the SWR for the SWR Vokalensemble.

Daniel Smutny comments on his choral music as follows:
“The text of this motet is taken from the temporal-philosophical observations of St. Augustine in his Confessiones, in which he only considers the present as existing and that the future already existing in it, with the past still contained in it as well. The text is projected in Latin above autonomous musical material, namely Schubert’s three-part canon for men's choir ‘Dreifach ist die Zeit’, the women’s chorus from Gustav Holst’s ‘Planets’ and fragmented patterns and clauses of medieval vocal polyphony. Two choirs are ‘interlocked’ in this ensemble, stand on the stage intermeshed with each other and form counterpoints against each other as groups.”

Daniel Smutny’s “Nine-Part Motet” was recently published by Sikorski Music Publishers as the printed edition SIK 8731.

14 July 2013
Gaisburger Kirche, 6 PM (Introduction to the concert: 5 PM)
World premiere: Daniel Smutny
”Nine-Part Motet“ for 15 solo voices
SWR Vokalensemble
Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz
Marcus Creed (direction)


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