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Moritz Eggert’s “I Won‘t Find Another You“ receives World Premiere in Switzerland

The Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz conducted by Werner Bärtschi will perform the world premiere of Moritz Eggert’s new work “I Won‘t Find Another You” for piano and orchestra at the Reformierte Kirche in Hinwil (Switzerland) on 14 June 2013.

This piano concerto, composed in 2013, was commissioned by the Musikkollegium Zürcher Oberland and is based on a popular song to which Eggert wrote the text as well as the music.

The composer comments on his concerto as follows:
“Whilst visiting the Chemnitz Theatre several years ago, I found a room with an out-of-tune harmonium. Without exactly knowing why, I immediately sat down and sketched a kind of pop song, ‘I Won‘t Find Another You’, with my own text and a simple melody and chord accompaniment, a love song. I knew that I would someday do something with this piece, but didn’t yet know exactly what.
Some time later, Werner Bärtschi asked me if I would like to write a piece for the jubilee of the Musikkollegium Zürcher Oberland, perhaps even a piano concerto. I spontaneously told him the title ‘I Won’t Find Another You’ and decided to use this song as the basis for a strange hybrid of piano concerto, song number and variation cycle.”

14 June 2013
Reformierte Kirche, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
”I Won‘t Find Another You“ for piano and orchestra
Moritz Eggert (piano)
Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz
Werner Bärtschi (direction)


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