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Mansurian, Tigran


Tigran Mansurian was born in Beirut in 1939 as the son of Armenian parents. Upon returning to Armenia he attended the State Conservatory in Yerivan, where he studied composition from 1960 until 1965. Together with Yervand Yerkanian (*1949) and Avet Terterian (*1929), Mansurian belongs to the most important composer in new Armenian music.

The Armenian composer cites his fellow countryman Komitas as well as Claude Debussy as spiritual models. Inspired by Armenian nature poetry, he has developed a manner of composing very close to sound mysticism, in which he integrates elements of the New Music. His compositions extend from chamber works and vocal cycles to symphonic works. He acknowledges handed-down tradition in his musical aesthetic but does not see himself as a copier of old forms; rather he "corresponds" with older forms and points of emphasis. He is constantly searching for the inner consistency in a work of art, attributing great importance to musical rhetoric in its modern application as well.


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