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Sofia Gubaidulina: New Chamber Music for and with Guitar in Munich

In the evening of the 31 May 2013 there will be a special concert with music by the composer Sofia Gubaidulina presented at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Several performers will present Gubaidulinas works “Repentance“ for violoncello, three guitars and double bass, the world premiere of the new version of “Sotto voce“ for viola, double bass and two guitars as well as the Sonata for Piano and others.

Sofia Gubaidulina, born in 1931 in the Tatar Soviet Republic, is one of the world’s most honoured composer-personalities today. Her extensive oeuvre comprises nearly all genres, ranging from solo pieces to the two oratorios “St. John Passion” and “St. John Easter” which she herself designates as her principal work. Her chamber works for and including the guitar are relatively few in light of this large body of work, in which she has also repeatedly come to terms with unusual instrumental combinations, but they extend from 1960 to the immediate present with “Sotto voce” (2010) for viola, two guitars and double bass. A concert at the Munich Academy of Music will enable listeners to gain insight into these multifarious sonic spectra on the occasion of an SA-CD co-planned by the Bavarian Broadcasting Company and the Swedish label BIS. Alongside Prof. Franz Halász and students of his class, the interpreters will include Prof. Hariolf Schlichtig (viola), Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang (violoncello), Philipp Stubenrauch (double bass) and Debora Halász (piano). The common feature uniting Sofia Gubaidulina's guitar works are her astonishingly idiomatic way of writing for the instrument: the composer explores the sonic spectrum of the guitar in ways that could not have been imagined before. In combining it with the string instruments, she attains the most surprising timbres whilst allowing the guitarist to brilliantly present his/her instrument as well as the work of this charismatic composer.

31 May 2013
University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Great Concert Hall, 7 PM
Lucas Brar, Franz Halász, Jacob Kellermann (guitar)
Hariolf Schlichtig (viola)
Wen-Sinn Yang (violoncello)
Philipp Stubenrauch (double bass)
Debora Halász (piano)
Prof. Franz Halász (conception and direction)

One day before (30 May) there will be a workshop with Sofia Gubaidulina in the afternoon.


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