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Yekimovsky, Viktor


Viktor Yekimovsky (*1947) studied at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow starting in 1971 (composition with Aram Khachaturian, music history with Constantine Rosenschild). He continued his studies in music history at the Leningrad Conservatory in 1978. For over a decade Yekimovsky was active in Moscow as an editor at the state music publishers "Musyka," being in charge of a series of volumes of the Shostakovich Complete Edition, amongst other things. Today he is a freelance composer and musicologist. He has authored a monograph of Olivier Messiaen as well as numerous essays on contemporary music.

His compositions, thoroughly unusual in terms of style, content and ensembles, are related to the ironical-grotesque traditions in Russia. Each of his works reveals surprises, and yet a consequent formal idea is always found hidden behind the frequently unserious facade of his bewildering events, persiflages, distorted copies, refined reflections and theatrical spectacles. A musical message and thoughtful depth are always present.