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World Premiere of Johannes X. Schachtner’s “abtasten”

A small sketch for organ positive entitled “abtasten” - Relief No. 2 by Johannes X. Schachtner will be given its world premiere in Gauting on 24 March 2013. Konstantin Esterl (organ) will present the work at the Christuskirche.

The composer comments on his work “abtasten” as follows:
“This sketch for organ positive, about 4 minutes in duration, develops out of a three-note diatonic pendulum. The contours of the monochromatic composition (the organ remains in the same registration throughout) arise through held-over tones, cluster-like agglomerations and individual short gestures.”

Cantatas and motets of the Bach family will also be performed during the course of this “Concert on Palm Sunday”.

24 March 2013
Christuskirche, 7 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“abtasten“. Relief No. 2 for positiv organ
Konstantin Esterl (organ)


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