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World Premiere of Ballet “Heroes” with Music by Alfred Schnittke and Lera Auerbach

Soloists and ensembles of the Bavarian State Ballet and the Bavarian State Orchestra will present the world premiere of the ballet “Heroes” in a production by Terence Kohler with music by Alfred Schnittke und Lera Auerbach on 21 April 2013 to start off the “BallettFestwoche 2013”.

„To become a hero, one must be different. The deeds of a hero shall bring him glory, they can be of physical or intellectual nature: Courage, a willingness to make sacrifices and to stand up for ideals and fellow human beings. Heroes are the counterpart of villains and cowards – or so they should be.”

The following works of our composers can be heard in this ballet:

Alfred Schnittke
“Concerto grosso No. 1“
“Suite in old Style“
“(K)ein Sommernachtstraum“

Lera Auerbach
”Dreams and Whispers of Poseidon“

21 April 2013
Nationaltheater, 7 PM
World premiere: Ballet “Heroes“
Terence Kohler (choreograpy and production)
Room, costumes, light: rosalie
Music by Alfred Schnittke and Lera Auerbach
Soloists and ensemble of the Bavarian State Ballet
The Bavarian State Orchestra
Myron Romanul (direction)

Further performances: 27 April (7:30 PM), 10 May (7:30 PM),
31 May (8 PM), 1 June (7:30 PM) and 7 July 2013 (7:30 PM)

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