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Daniel Smutny’s “Lakeview peak“ receives World Premiere

The Institute for New Music and Music Education, registered association (INMM), will hold its 67th spring conference in Darmstadt from 3 to 6 April 2013. The INMM is a facility, unique in the world, for the confrontation with new music and its pedagogical intermediation.

During the course of this conference entitled “Ins Offene? - New Music and Nature”, the Barcelona-born pianist Daniel Lorenzo will perform the world premiere of the new work “Lakeview peak” by Daniel Smutny on 4 April 2013.

On the next day, 5 April, Daniel Smutny (electronics) together with Daniel Lorenzo will present “KammerFedernSchwingenDerFlügel” for piano and electronics by Smutny.

4 April 2013
Akademie für Tonkunst
World premiere: Daniel Smutny
”Lakeview peak“ for piano
Daniel Lorenzo (piano)

Copyright of the photo: Institute for New Music and Music Education


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