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Australian Premiere of “Triptych - The Mirror with three Faces“ by Lera Auerbach

The Sutherland Trio will present the Australian premiere of Lera Auerbach`s 2nd piano trio “Triptych - The Mirror with three Faces“ on 6 March 2013 in the Recital Centre of Melbourne.

The world premiere took place in March 2012 in the Leo Rich Theatre of Tucson (Arizona). The concert was part of the Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festivals and was presented by Martin Bevaer (violin), Clive Greensmith (violoncello) and Lera Auerbach (piano).

Lera Auerbach comments on her work as follows:
“I like the idea of exploring the dramatic, ritualistic side of music. In The Mirror With Three Faces, one can look at three different faces or roles of the same person or at three distinct personalities - each with its own face. Each character (i.e. instrument) may be isolated, in conflict, or in harmony with others and itself. This trio explores individuality and ensemble, harmony and conflict, one in three or three in one – that is the ambiguous nature of this work, structured in the form of a triptych.”

6 March 2013
Recital Centre, Salon, 7 PM
Australian premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Triptych - The Mirror with three Faces“
Trio No. 2 for violin, violoncello and piano
Sutherland Trio

Copyright of the photo: Sutherland Trio


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