Moritz Eggert: World Premiere of “Pong” for sextet in the USA

The American Talea Ensemble will present the World premiere of Moritz Eggert’s sexet “Pong” on 10 April 2013 in Seattle.

The composer Eggert, born in Heidelberg, had already composed a version for septet in 2002. This version was premiered in summer 2006 in Lyon.

Motitz Eggert comments on his new work as follows:
“’Pong’ was the first ever computer game, and still has a kind of legendary reputation as the game that spawned the billion dollar computer game industry. Although on the surface there seems to be a development in graphics and presentation, the basis of all these games is found in ‘pong’: objects in motion that hit or miss each other. One could argue that the same could be said about life itself.
’Hocket’ would be the musical equivalent to ‘Pong’. My piece ‘Pong’ is a kind of musical game using an imaginary ‘racket’ that hits and misses notes, sends them to other players, stops them dead, etc.. For this technique at least two players are needed – ‘hocket’ doesn’t work when your on your own.
When we look at motion itself, it seems to be the most elementary element of music – without motion of some sort there is no sound. Without sound there is no communication. Without the will to communicate something there is no need for any musical composition. This is why in this piece I embrace the principle of ‘Pong’- as I embrace life itself.”

10 April 2013
Town Hall, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
”Pong” for sextet
Talea Ensemble


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