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Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra present Finnish Premiere of Yi Yun by Wenchen Qin

This year at the Musica nova Festival in Helsinki (8 – 16 February) there will be the finnish premiere of the orchestra work “Yi Yun” on 15 February 2013 by the chinese composer Wenchen Qin. The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will present the work under the direction of Matthias Pintscher.

“Yi Yun” was completed in 1990 after the composer hiked for more than 20 days in the remote mountains within west Sichuan and east Tibet, when he was deeply inspired by the overwhelming magnificence of the mountains.

This composition consists of two parts in contrast to each other. The first part pictures the vigorous charm of the mountains; while the second part images how vast and hazy, lush and verdant, and desolate and bleak they are. The mood in this music transits from the complexity, externality, and intensity of the first part to the simplicity, internality, and placidity of the second part.

“Yi Yun” received it`s world premiere in November 1997 by the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (direction: Naohiro Totsuka) in the Tokyo Opera City.

15 February 2013
Helsinki Music Centre, Concert Hall, 7 PM
Finnish premiere: Wenchen Qin
”Yi Yun“ for orchestra
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthias Pintscher (direction)


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