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Ankara: Turkish Premiere of Alexi Matchavariani’s Symphony No. 2

The Presidential Symphony Orchestra Ankara will present the turkish premiere of Alexi Matchavariani’s (23.09.1913 - 31.12.1995) 1972 composed Symphony No. 2 on 24 January 2013 during a concert in honour of the 100th birthday of the composer. The concert take place in the CSO Concert Hall in Ankara. The Presidential Symphony Orchestra will perform under the direction of Matchavariani’s son Vakhtang Matchavariani. The Georgian composer Alexi Matchavariani, born in Tblissi, died on 31 December 1995.

A further performance will take place on 25 January 2013 (8 PM).

24 January 2013
CSO Concert Hall, 8 PM
Turkish premiere: Alexi Matchavariani
Symphony No. 2
Presidential Symphony Orchestra Ankara
Vakhtang Matchavariani (direction)


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