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The Israeli Composer Benjamin Yusupov is 50

The composer Benjamin Yusupov will celebrate his 50th birthday on 22 November 2012. On the day before, a portrait concert for Yusupov will be presented in the Auditorium Kfar-Sava Auditorium on the occasion of the round birthday. Then, on his birthday, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will perform Yusupov's work "Maximum" at the Jerusalem Theatre. The concert will be recorded by the Israeli Broadcasting Association (IBA).

Yusupov is one of Israel's most active composers at the present time. He studied piano, composition and conducting with Dmitri Kitayenko at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. In 1989 he was appointed principal conductor of the Duschanbe Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2001 he received his doctorate from Bar-Ilan University (Israel). His works have been performed at festivals in the Soviet Union (Moscow, Gorki) and in Paris, Zagreb and Israel by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Israeli Camerata Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Yusupov's works are interconnected by a completely individual musical language put together from unusual sources, containing oriental influences as well as experimental aspects of present-day European music. In particular, Yusupov strives to attain a new "Israeli" musical style derived from the various musical traditions present in Israeli musical life.


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