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Grigori Frid is Dead

Grigori Frid, the creator of one of the most frequently performed chamber operas of the present day, is dead. The composer, born in Petrograd in 1915, died on 22 September 2012, exactly on his 97th birthday, in Moscow.

Frid had already begun working on his chamber opera "The Diary of Anne Frank" in 1969. The libretto and music – initially a version for voice and piano - were created simultaneously. Frid completed the orchestral version just two months later, and the world premiere took place on 28 March 1972. It was only on 28 March 1993 that the work was given its German premiere in Nuremberg under the direction of Franz Killer. The libretto follows the original texts from Anne Frank's diary almost to the letter.

In 1975 Frid created a second chamber opera, also monodramatic, entitled "Letters of van Gogh", which received its German premiere on 20 February 1997 in Erlangen.

Hans-Jörg von Jena once wrote in the Süddeutsche Zeitung about Grigori Frid as follows: "Grigori Frid, a Russian Jew (or Jewish Russian) from St. Petersburg, an authority in his homeland as a composer, composition teacher and music organiser, has remained practically unknown in this country. (...) An expert's appraisal is that lyrical tones dominate the work of this composer – 'an externally sober lyricism that nonetheless draws life from its internal drama.'"


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